Your Life IS in Your hands, and it is easier than you currently imagine to feel better about yourself and your life.

Welcome to Point of Change Coaching

Welcome to Point of Change Coaching

Which is your best way forward?

Your despair & frustration can stop here.  Point of Change coaching is a powerful and effective approach to assist you to not only feel better about yourself and your life, but to get back in control, build better relationships and improve the circumstances of your life.  It is about clearing the emotional distress and freeing your mind, as you harness the power within you.   

Using a dynamic approach, you will learn to move through your core challenges to becoming more confident and certain about the changes you want to make. You will quickly start to feel capable of improving the circumstances of your life, strengthen self belief and trust in yourself, and start achieving more of what you really want.


Sharpen Your Focus

Empowering, laser focused coaching sessions that bring clarity and certainty about your next steps forward ~ for You, Your Life or Your Business.

Single 1-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Unscramble Your Mind
  • Soothe Your Emotions
  • Release Your Resistance
  • Tune Into Your Higher Knowing
  • Get Clear And Focused
  • Take Control Of Your Life Again

Contact Beverley to book your appointment.


Your Self @ The Centre

One Month, focused completely on You and what you truly want. Get clear on what you need to move beyond, and what you need to strengthen to achieve the results you want.

1 Month Coaching Package

  • 90 Minute Vision Session
  • 3 Single Coaching Sessions
  • Recalibrate Your Emotional Set Point
  • Get Into Better Relationship With Life
  • Lifting Life Higher Journal
  • Between Session Support

Contact Beverley  To Arrange.


OverRide Anxiety

This practical immersive session will delve deep into the core of anxiety, develop understanding of the power of your emotions and mind.  Empowers change.

Group Coaching+* Sessions on Eventbrite

  • Stop being at the mercy of anxiety
  • Learn to calm body and mind
  • Start to take control
  • Empower yourself & your life
  • Find An Easier Way Forward… 
  • *Complimentary month support in OverRiding Anxiety FB group


1 to 1 Coaching is also available in person, by phone or online
~ plus locally in groups and workshops

Truth is, you don’t have to struggle on alone feeling unsupported around what is most important to you. More of the same is always possible…

It takes courage to change and put yourself first!  Have you reached a point in your life where you are ready to try something new & effective to live a more fulfilling life?  Then get in touch!