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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin

A Power Exists Within You

It is only in the now moment that we have any real influence over our future. It is in the thoughts that we think, and the actions or inactions we take that shape and determine the quality of our lives and trajectory of our future.

Have you had enough struggle?  Are you ready for something better? Are you tired of struggling on alone, feeling unsupported, depressed or frustrated?  Well, life does not have to be that way…

Point of Change Coaching

Empower Your Mind

About Coaching with Beverley

You will quickly discover how easy it is to find calm in the storm, to gain clarity through the fog that has been blocking your way.  Beverley will work with you to get to the core of what is stopping you enjoying life and feeling fulfilled, as she helps you release the blocks and find solutions to improve the circumstances of your life ~ for the better.   

Beverley is called to assist people who are feeling challenged by life to connect to the power and potential within them.  Helping You move beyond the self defeating stories of limitation and energy depletion that run your day, to really get traction around achieving the better life results that are important to you. 

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Your Higher Counsel

Do you ever sit still long enough, in silence and solitude, to hear your own voice speak to you? The Higher wiser one that loves and supports you?

Core to Beverley’s work is her belief that the spiritual aspect of us is always trying to breakthrough, to illuminate our lives and guide us further along our path ~ if we take the time to learn how to listen.  

She works with you, not only to design and implement your Vision of a better life, but to assist you in clearing out emotional debris that lingers from the past and is clouding your todays.  

You will learn how to re-calibrate your body and mind, take time to rest and relax, supporting cellular regeneration, so empowering your mind and inspiring right action.