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Imagine if you had more freedom in your life?  Imagine if you had more confidence, self belief and trust in yourself? Imagine what would happen if you had someone on your support team who believed in you, coached you to greater personal and professional success, who listened and encouraged you?  What then?

By clearing the emotional debris from the past, and easing your fears of the future, you will start to release the thoughts that hold you back. As you learn the SHE Changes Approach, you will balance your emotions, recalibrate body, mind and spirit ~ and learn how to create a clearer energy field within you, strengthening your mind, so attracting to you more of what you really want in your life.   

By Phone, Online or In Person

As you learn to harness the power of your mind, defining clearly what you do want and getting into energetic alignment with it, you will start to see rapid results.  When you work with me to shift your thinking into ways that are beneficial to You, life changes.  So, where is your point of change? Have you reached that tipping point where things have got to change? Or maybe you want to avoid that pain… Either way, Point of Change coaching helps you take ownership of your life again, and empower your results.


Coaching brought me clarity, the session was uplifting and helped me access my own wisdom. I became more focused, and the time together taught me to get back in touch with my dreams and desires“.  K.McMurchy 


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Your Higher Counsel

Your Higher Counsel

Do you ever sit still long enough, in silence and solitude, to hear your own voice speak to you? The Higher wiser one that loves and supports you?

Core to my work is the belief that the spiritual aspect of us is always trying to breakthrough, to illuminate our lives and guide us further along our path ~ if we take the time to learn how to listen.

Working with me, not only will you design and implement your Vision of a brighter life, you will start to clear out the emotional debris that lingers from the past and is clouding your todays.  Gently and respectfully.

You will learn how to re-calibrate your body and mind, so empowering your mind and inspiring right action that gets you the results in life you do want.

Working With Beverley

Working With Beverley

You will quickly discover how easy it is to find calm in the storm, to gain clarity through the fog that has been blocking your way.  Point of Change Coaching works with you to get to the core of what is stopping you enjoying life and feeling fulfilled, helping you release the blocks and find solutions to improve the circumstances of your life ~ for the better.   As a coach, it is Beverley’s job to hear between your words, that which is blocking your path, and then assist you to work through your challenges in ways that are gentle, respectful and effective.

Isn’t it time to connect to the life and potential within you, to feel capable and empowered? So you can move beyond the self defeating stories of limitation and energy depletion that run your day, to really get traction around achieving the better life results that are important to you?


Beverley is a fantastic personal success coach. She really goes with you on your journey and knows how to gently guide you to get the most out of the process and make clear, informed decisions about current and future plans. She is a very good listener and is able to grasp the essential points of a discussion, give an objective response and keep you on track. She has an amazing ability to identify and challenge unproductive thought patterns while at the same time provides support and acceptance.

Gabriella Taylor

@ Gabriella Taylor

I can’t say enough about my coaching sessions with Beverley. She could bring me to a space of peace and relaxation where I could easily and effortlessly be myself.  I came across Bev through friends who already worked with her and had amazing results from their sessions.  I was so uplifted by her energy and direction over the three months we worked together. I became in charge of my life again, of my thoughts, and so my training and results. I can’t thank Beverley enough for the energy I got back!

Andrea Cola

Coach & Motivational Speaker

Beverley is an expert coach whose keen listening ability allows her to zero in on a situation with laser focus.  She always provides the perfect tool to help me re-frame the situation. She helps me to elevate my vibration, gain clarity on what I truly desire, and with her guidance I am able to achieve and manifest what makes my heart sing. She has helped me transform my life in so many ways and I am very grateful!  

Susan Wojtaszek


Coaching is available in person, by phone or online
~ plus locally in workshops and groups

So know, you don’t have to struggle on alone feeling unsupported around what is most important to you. More of the same is always possible…

It takes courage to change and put yourself first!  Have you reached a point in your life where you are ready to try something new & effective to live a more fulfilling life?  Then get in touch!

Your Life IS in Your hands, and it is easier than you currently imagine to feel better about yourself and your life.